I am…

A developer.  A photographer.  A creator.  A traveller.

In 2018, I started to build my website, since then, I discovered the existence of a website hosting system and hosted the site on Github Pages and Coding Pages. But I never have spare time to manage my website, in August 2020, I decided to restart this journey. This website chronicles my experiences as I learn new things, fail spectacularly and make cool stuff along the way.

In 2020, many unforgettable things happened, just in August of same year, I created Mouse.css, a CSS3 Hover library, and now run it with my best mate. The idea for Mouse.css was born on May 2020, so far, we had a logo, a Gitter channel and Telegram group.

I hope that my website is a business card, and people who come here will gain something, youth never ends, the story never ends!

Sure. I love photography, I often take a lot of beautiful photos when I travel and then print them out. I think that photos can remember the beauty of people. When I am old, I can find some fond memories of my youth through photos.

Some of my small wishes: make a foreign friend, go to the Mediterranean, open a homestay, and write an e-book of my own. The purpose of writing a book isn’t to publish, but to record my own stories and experiences.

So how was this site built?

With blood, sweat and tears! Nah, I’m just kidding.

This is a Jekyll site, hosted on GitHub Pages and Coding Pages. It was built migrated after months of procrastination and hours upon hours of pressing Ctrl-Shift-P, resizing windows ploughing through documentation, googling and of course, actual coding. This site is a constant work-in-progress as I add tweaks, features and content.

Since Jekyll is a static site generator, everything here is HTML, CSS and JS.

No PHP, no Go, no Python, nilch.

Elsewhere on the interwebs

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In case you want to check out my résumé, here’s the PDF.


Here are some of the projects I’ve written about in my spare time.